How Cloud Ten Labs Took Google Out Of The Loop

Hopspottr is a mobile app that lets people see how crowded places are around them before they go. When Cloud Ten Labs took this project on, the client wanted to access crowd data that Google owns. The only problem is Google doesn't like to share this information. Instead of just giving up, our team thought through the issue and built proprietary software for our client that essentially bypassed Google's unwillingness to share this information. This software laid a foundation for our client to build one of the largest crowd databases in the world, boasting over 300,000 businesses in the U.S with over 25 million hours of data.

When our clients need anything done, Cloud Ten Labs gets it done. We have always found a way to successfully achieve every objective our clients hand over to us, on time and on budget.

If you'd like to see how successful Hopspottr is you can download the apps here:


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